Thursday, April 14, 2005

Acid2: Safari goes hunting & more browsers

Following up on my previous post on Acid2 rendering in most browsers, David Hyatt has started cramming for this exam and will blog as progress happens:
I started work today on making Safari pass the test, and I thought I'd blog my progress as I fix bugs in the test. This will be a fairly slow process as whole features may have to be added simply to make one row of the test render correctly.
Thanks to several comments in the previous post, I've managed to complete the collection of snapshots:
Here's how the test looks in Omniweb (Mac browser, thanks to Yoji Hirabayashi for this and other screenshots)

This is Netscape 7.2 for Macintosh (image courtesy of Kristen):

And Camino (a Mac native Gecko based browser) 0.8 nightly, not surprisingly, is identical to Firefox-trunk (image also courtesy of Kristen):

This is Safari as it is now (version 1.2 125.12, if those are enough version numbers for you! thanks William Wu)

On Yoji's computer it looks like this:

This is Safari 1.3 (dev version available when the Acid2 test was published, thanks to Kristen)

And here is what Hyatt has managed to do in just a few days: the red background is gone, the top and the mouth are better now. It will be interesting to see how Gecko tries to do the same.


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