Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Now We're NT4 Cooking!

Back from the SHGetSpecialFolderPathA hell on NT4... bug 253101 was filed on the 26th of July and was fixed in less than one day. Of course, the patch was already on the trunk and it "only" needed porting to the aviary branch, but it took quite a long time for a smoketest blocker to be corrected !
Comment #3 From Asa Dotzler
If NT is supported, then this is a smoketest blocker.
Since the official Win32 20040728 [Br/Tr] builds were not yet out this morning, I verified that the bug was indeed fixed in the current nightlies with the hourly sweetlou builds.
It seems not many people are using NT4 anymore... hopefully NT4 will stay on the supported architecture list for as long as I have to use NT4.
Well it feels great to be in the nightlies train again. Woohaa! new features!


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