Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Somebody give Nvu a Nlook

Very promising 0.15 preview for Nvu last week, but the UI is still Orbit 3+1... yuck ! after Firefox and Thunderbird, will Nvu be themeable and who is going to give it the Nlook (as the N in Nvu is supposed to mean "New") ?

Will Arvid be tempted or has he enough to do ?

Moved !

This blog has moved. We're here now!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Everybody down or slow

Seems the servers cannot cope with the new attention surrounding Firefox 0.8 : mozilla.org is damn slow, Firefox help is in "restricted" mode and redirects to extensionroom, extensionroom seems to be down. Hopefully evertyhing will calm down soon and I'll be able to download my missing extensions !

Best Firefox extensions

Everybody gets to do it once in a while, so here's my list of currently in use extensions:
  • Adblock
  • Tabbrowser extension
I also like the Developpers' toolbar, Image Zoom, and View in IE (for those times when it won't work in Gecko), but I haven't installed them yet, even though I'm still using the old profile.
As soon as the following functionality of TBE is incorporated to Firefox I'll probably stop using TBE:
  • Single Window Mode
  • Undo close tab
  • Double click to close tab (or the corresponding UI)

Firefox lookin' good

Downloaded, installed, testing... looking goooood so far.
What I like:
  • The installer is now really professional looking. Just add the Flash plugin somewhere in there and it will be ready for the masses.
  • The About box is really nice. It's a good thing to have used Steven Garrity as "brand coordinator".

Some minor gripes:
  • The installer doesn't have the new logo, but the Mozilla dinosaur. Who said something about brand identity?
  • Still using the Qute sickle as throbber icon... what about using the fox now?

Get Firefox

It's happened again !

Phoenix Mozilla Firebird Mozilla Firefox 0.8 is here ! seems to me the name controversy was too much, that the planned changes from Seamonkey to just The Mozilla Browser could be made (see the fact that the Mozilla suite will still exist), and you have a new logo (seemingly modelled on the Jairo Boudewyn's icons). I'll guess I'll give it a try...

See here for Asa's take on the subject, and here for Ben's explanation.

Brand new

Well, I've thinking about it from time to time, so here it is: the perfect location for all my ramblings. As the tide comes and goes, maybe something interesting will emerge. Then, who knows ?

You might also be interested in another project of mine, the website of the Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle church in Paris.